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You are looking for a comfortable and quality accommodation, with affordable price, in the center of Belgrade? Then the hostel Karavan Inn Belgrade is right place for you and an ideal starting point to go to meet Belgrade and all the events in it.

Hostel Karavan Inn Belgrade is a newly opened, modern and fully equipped facility, suitable to the needs of all people in need of quality and comfortable accommodation in the heart of Belgrade, situated in Bulevar kralja Aleksandra Street no. 60.

If you are in Belgrade on business, as a tourist, backpacker, with group or individually, comfortable rooms of our hostel will satisfy the most demanding among you, and probably forever change your opinion of hostel accommodation. Interior design offers the pleasantness of home while you are in the city center, so you have its entire beauty and events easily accessible, at your fingertips.

Karavan Inn Hostel Belgrade offers accommodation in excellent location, in the Bulevar kralja Aleksandra Street no. 60. Although this is the epicenter of all events in Belgrade, in our rooms you will get a pleasant and quiet accommodation in Belgrade. Interesting sites and everything that Belgrade offers is not far from our hostel which is well connected with all parts of the city and lines of public transportation.

Across Karavan Inn hostel is a big and beautiful Tasmajdan park as well as outdoor and indoor swimming pools where you can relax. 

On exiting hostel and walk through the surrounding streets, gives you the full experience of fiery history of the city, through different architectural solutions that bear witness to the many epochs that have left their mark - from the Ottoman rule over the Austro-Hungarian era, to the communist era. On just a few minutes’ walk from us is Slavija Square, the magnificent city landmark Temple of Saint Sava, Republic Square, National Theatre, then the main pedestrian and shopping zone in Knez Mihajlova Street, river confluence, Kalemegdan fortress, the bohemian quarter Skadarlija …

The fact that our hostel is only a few minutes away from anything that might be necessary and interesting to our guests, guarantees carefree stay and freedom to explore every corner of Belgrade.

Karavan Inn hostel offers 5 comfortable and modern rooms with a capacity of maximum 30 new and comfortable beds.

There are rooms with 8, 6, 4 and 3 beds. Two rooms with 3 beds, can be used as single or double room, because they are equipped with double and single beds.

Your company has more than eight people? We thought on this as well: there is the possibility of adding 2 extra beds in the room, if the need arises.

In order to have all the comfort and privacy as good as in your own home, we have provided that each room has its own modern bathroom. All the bedrooms are covered with wireless and cable broadcasts and meet the highest hygiene standards.

Within the hostel there is a large common room with satellite TV, which can also be used as a conference hall, if your visit to Belgrade has business character.

Karavan Inn hostel Belgrade also has a fully functional kitchen where you can prepare food as desired. Also, we can order breakfast for you, and so under our standard offer you can choose the bed and breakfast. Right next to the hostel is world's most famous fast food restaurant, McDonald's, as well as numerous cafes, bakeries and restaurants.

Near the hostel there are a number of banks, ATMs, exchange offices and pharmacies 00-24h.

The experienced and friendly staff of Karavan Inn hostel will do everything to make your visit to Belgrade one of those memories that put a smile on your face whenever you remember it.

Reception service is available to guests 00-24 h. Friendly smile and excellent knowledge of English, as well as the world's leading languages and region languages will help you to make reservation for your stay easily, and meet Belgrade without a lot of wandering.

You can get information about current events in the city, festivals, concerts, performances, cultural and historical sites, monuments, museums, exhibitions etc. from our staff at any time. Also, you can get recommendations for the best clubs, restaurants, shopping malls, and everything else you should see while you are visiting Belgrade, as well as help how to reach the desired location on easiest way. We are available for any kind of help that will make your stay in Belgrade easier and more pleasant. 

Our practice is an individual approach to each of our guests, flexible prices, discounts and various other benefits for paying our services. Affordable prices and the favorable ratio price and quality of accommodation in Belgrade, are definitely recommendation to book a place in the Karavan Inn hostel Belgrade.

Contact us or make your reservation through the online service. In every moment we are ready to meet your needs and make your stay in our city unforgettable and to become our regular guest whenever you visit Belgrade. 
Karavan Inn Hostel Belgrade is located in the heart of the city, in the longest and oldest active Belgrade street, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra. This street, which itself is a cultural and historical attractions of the city, is an important university, commercial and touristic backbone of Belgrade. In this street and its immediate vicinity there are many important religious sites, cultural and scientific legacies and commemorative monuments.

In addition, it is one of the most important city streets, place for shopping tours and nightlife. Who hasn’t visited the Bulevar kralja Aleksandra cannot say that he felt the spirit of Belgrade. Because precisely this location is a place where is combined old and modern architecture, ancient and modern spirit of Belgrade.

Along the route you will see new and modern office buildings, but also rustic craft shops that withstand test of time and that can conjure up the appearance of Belgrade town as it once was. So, staying in Karavan Inn Hostel you are placed at the heart of the historical development of Belgrade.

It can be said that the Karavan Inn Hostel is located at the beginning of the longest Belgrade street. In the immediate vicinity is the magnificent building, the Church of St. Marko which houses the sarcophagus with the bones of Emperor Dusan, the first Serbian emperor. The church is located in Tašmajdan Park, one of the most beautiful city parks along with Tašmajdan swimming pool and sport center.

Across the hostel are a small Tašmajdan Park, Belgrade Faculty of Law and the University Library. Then, right next to it is the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, then Cyrilo and Metodije Park, creators of the Glagolitic alphabet, the first Serbian letter. In the park is also located “Vukov spomenik”, monument built in honor of Vuk Karadžić, the reformer and creator of the first Serbian alphabet. Across the street you can visit the Museum of Nikola Tesla, which keeps his entire legacy, Nikola Tesla is famous Serbian and world scientist.

Also, very close to the hostel there are other important cultural monuments, religious sites and attractions as well as places known for good time and night life such as Skadarlija, the famous bohemian location not only in Belgrade but also in Serbia. On the other side, with an easy ten minute walk will get to Terazije Square and Knez Mihailova Street, the main city pedestrian and shopping zone. At the end of this largest promenade in Belgrade, there is the Kalemegdan Park and fortress across from is the magnificent view of the confluence of two major city rivers, Sava and Danube. Kalemegdan fortress is the location which you must visit because best reflects the exciting historical past of Belgrade. Within the Kalemegdan Park is well known Belgrade's zoo, museums and art pavilions. 

Location of Karavan Inn Hostel is the best choice for your stay in Belgrade because allows you easier tour of the city, exploring its sights and enjoying the many cultural and entertainment activities that Belgrade is offering its guests. 

Call us, book your accommodation and enjoy in Belgrade. Welcome!

The easiest way to get to the Karavan Inn hostel Belgrade

It’s very easy to find our Karavan Inn hostel Belgreade. Regardless whether you are coming from the train and bus station, Belgrade airport or highway, you will find us without problems.

Path from the Belgrade railway and bus station

If you are coming from the direction of Belgrade bus and railway stations which are located next to each other, the simplest way for you to arrive by tram number 7. Choose a tram station towards the city and get off at the station Pravni fakultet. Karavan Inn is located right across from the station. You cannot miss it because McDonald's restaurant is located right next to the entrance of the hostel. 

The path from the airport "Nikola Tesla"

From the airport you can take mini bus number A1 to Slavija Square. From Slavija Square you can take bus 33 or 48(heading to Zeleznicka stanica Pancevacki most) and get off on 1st stop. Also you can take tram 2 or 3(heading to Omladinski stadion and get off on 1st stop). Karavan Inn is located right across from the station. You cannot miss it because McDonald's restaurant is located right next to the entrance of the hostel. 

The path from the highway E75 and the main roads

If you are coming by highway E75, when you cross the bridge Gazela, at the Mostar loop, chose  direction that leads to the Knez Miloš Street (E70). Go straight to the Pioneer Park which remains to your left. At the intersection, turn right and you are in Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra Street, and then continue straight until number 60. Karavan Inn is located right across from the station. You cannot miss it because McDonald's restaurant is located right next to the entrance of the hostel. 

Taxi transportation

If you prefer to use a taxi, we can arrange taxi car for you and send it to your location regardless if you are coming from the airport, bus, railway station or any other part of the city. Just tell us where you are and we will arrange transportation to the hostel. 
Welcome, we are waiting for you!

The best and most convenient hostel accommodation in Belgrade


Karavan Inn Hostel Belgrade is located in the center of Belgrade, across from Tasmajdan Park, one of the most beautiful city parks. A large number of restaurants, bakeries, cafes, shops, and proximity to the cultural and historical attractions and excellent transport links to all parts of the city make our hostel the best choice for a pleasant and relaxing stay in Belgrade.

Karavan Inn Hostel Belgrade contains private rooms and dormitories. Each room and dorm has a fully equipped and comfortable bathroom.  

According to its structure Karavan Inn Hostel can offer you the following rooms:

- Private room with double bed,

- Private double room,

- Private triple room (double bed + single bed)

- Private four-bed room,

- Dormitory with 6 beds,

- Dormitory with 8 beds.

In a private room with four beds and dormitories can be added two extra beds and make them suitable accommodation for larger groups of guests. Extra beds meet the same quality and comfort of accommodation as well as single and double beds. 

Reasons to choose accommodation in Karavan Inn Hostel

- All our rooms are functional and stylish, with new and comfortable beds;

- All rooms and dormitories have modern and comfortable bathrooms;

- All premises in the hostel are equipped with WI-FI connection;

- All rooms and common areas are air-conditioned,

- High hygienic and medical standards are applied at the hostel (daily cleaning and changing of sheets and towels);

- Cable TV in private rooms;

- Lockable storage and reading lamps for each bed;

- Reception services are available to guests 24 hours a day;

- High safety standards and continuous video monitoring care about the safety of guests.

Things that separate Karavan Inn hostel Belgrade from others                       

- There are no hidden costs;

- Flexibility when logging in and checking out from the hostel;

- We accept all credit cards, bank transfers and cash;

- Next to the entrance to hostel is McDonald's restaurant;

- ATM and several banks are close by, as well as

- Many fast food restaurants, bakeries, shops, pharmacies with working hours from 00-24 h;

- The hostel staff are professionals with extensive experience, who speak all the languages of neighboring countries (Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian), as well as English, German, Polish and Russian. Our staff will happily be close at hand for you and answer all your requirements as soon as possible.

Staff of our hostel will arrange for you pleasant stay in Belgrade, unforgettable time and a lot of beautiful memories that you will take with you home. Contact us, get yourself the best hostel accommodation in Belgrade and enjoy!

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